The MMVAs were hot, hot, hot

And the celebrities were pretty great, too
iHeart-MMVAs logo It's back! Music's biggest block party was a blast as usual. (Courtesy of MUCH/iHeartRadio)

It was hot in Toronto last weekend. The kind of soupy, humid day where pranksters walk by you saying things like, "Hot enough for ya?!", and you maybe giggle politely a little, but mostly you just want them to go away because, Yeah, buddy, we get it. It's hot outside. Now stop getting so close to me and let me wait patiently in line for the MMVAs to start. I gotta get a good spot like these people...

What's that? The MMVAs? That's right, this past Sunday was the *takes deep breath* iHeartRadio Canada Much Music Video Awards *exhales*, or the MMVAs. Despite the sweltering heat, people were lined up starting at around 8 a.m. to get a good spot for the main event (which didn't start until 13 hours later...that's dedication!).

Sounds like a long wait? Perhaps. But given the fact that the MMVAs are basically one big street party attended by some of the biggest stars around, you can see why some fans made the effort. Hosted by supermodel Gigi Hadid, the awards delivered, jam-packed with killer performances, famous presenters, and, of course, over-the-top red carpet entrances.

Seeing double decker

Pop punk band Marianas Trench have made a mini-career of silly red carpet appearances (in past years they've arrived wearing inflatable horses, in giant bubbles, handing out subs to the crowd, and while having a pillow fight). This year, they cruised into the party on a golf cart, complete with tacky neon argyle vests and clubs. But the prize for best entrance should probably go to Tegan and Sara. The Calgary twins arrived on a double decker bus, filled with 15 other sets of twins!

But once everyone got settled in, the main event could get underway. And judging by the screaming — as in lots and lots and lots of very excited screaming — it didn't disappoint. Local megastar Drake (who won five awards) may not have been there, but there were plenty of stars to keep the crowd pumped up. Acts like X Factor girl group Fifth Harmony, rock vets Hedley, and Shawn Hook and Hailee Steinfeld thrilled everyone with their performances, while awards were given out to everyone from The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, and Justin Bieber to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

Remembering Orlando

Despite the playful nature of the show, celebrities still took the time to address the recent tragedy in Orlando. July Talk singer Leah Fay painted a rainbow on her face for her performance, Sara Quin discussed it with reporters from the red carpet, and Nick Jonas spoke about it after winning International Artist of the Year, saying "to all the families and victims of the shootings recently, we love you, and we have not forgotten you."

Still, in the end, it was about music, celebration, and having a great time. Which everyone clearly did. We'll leave you with Best New Canadian Artist winner Alessia Cara's performance of her single "Wild Things". See you next year, and if you decide to wait in line, remember: bring lots of water and sunscreen!