It’s National Science Reading Day!

Wednesday, September 20 is a country-wide contest for classrooms and students to participate in!

Hey there, science-loving students! Don't forget that today is the 7th annual National Science Reading Day!

This September 20, kids from ages 3 to 17 are invited to devote one period of the day to reading about science. These readings can be done either individually or as a whole classroom. And students can read about science in many different ways. You can read a:

  • non-fiction book
  • science-fiction novel
  • science-themed graphic novel
  • scientist's biography
  • science magazine

Fun, right?

How to enter

Entering is simple! First, spend one period reading about science. Then visit our contest site:!

On the site, you'll be asked to enter information about either yourself or your classroom. Then share either your reading list or photos of your reading.

And you're done!

Great prizes

In total, there are about $2,500 worth of prizes to be won. These include:

  • Five individual prize packs of books and magazines worth $150
  • Five classroom prize packs of books and magazines worth $350

Sounds great! So get out there and enjoy reading about science. We can't wait to see your entries!

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