101-year-old barge is loose over Niagara Falls

The so-called 'Niagara Scow' has been stuck above the Horseshoe Falls for over a century
101-year-old barge The 'Niagara Scow' as seen in 2006. This barge has finally shifted after being in place for 101 years. (Wikimedia Commons)

In August 1918, a scow — which is a type of flat-bottomed sailboat — broke loose on the Niagara River with two men on board. As you might have guessed already, if you go down the Niagara River a bit, you'll eventually reach... Niagara Falls. Yikes!

Amazingly, the boat got stuck on a rock shoal only 700 metres or so from the edge of the Falls, and the two men were rescued. Meanwhile, despite being surrounded by endlessly rushing waters, the scow remained stuck in the exact same place year after year.

Until, that is, this past Halloween! Now, thanks to extremely heavy winds and rainfall, the 101-year-old barge has flipped on its side, moving for the first time in over a century.

On its side, but not over

The obvious question is of course: Did it go over the Falls?!?

And the answer is: No. But the 101-year-old barge did travel a further 150 metres or so toward that great precipice. When will it take the plunge?

Niagara Parks (the organization responsible for maintaining the area's nature) is keeping a close eye on it and believes that it could literally happen any day now. After all, even though rising water and severe weather was able to move it a couple weeks ago, it previously had been stuck in place for a lifetime and more. So who's to say that it's not going to stay in this spot for another century?

Have a look at some seriously cool drone shots of the rusty wreck as reported by The Guardian in the video below!

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