2018 Science Odyssey Contest winners are here!

OWL and chickaDEE readers sent in their science projects for a chance to win
arushi & artash science odyssey 2018 Arushi and Artash working on a tribute to Saturn and the Cassini spacecraft. It was just part of the projects they submitted to our Science Odyssey 2018 Family Contest! (Courtesy of Arushi and Artash's family)


But hey, you already knew that, right? Of course, for 10 days in May, we took it to the next level. From May 11 to 20, we partnered with Science Odyssey to bring you a family contest of awesome proportions: The 2018 Science Odyssey Family Contest!

All families had to do was to document themselves in the act of exploring science together, whether that was reading and researching, investigating the outdoors, or doing experiments. One grand-prize winner would receive a year-long family pass to all of Canada's science centres (whoa!) and some cool tech prizes. We had six runner-up prizes to award as well. See?

Science Odyssey Prizes

Prizes courtesy of Best Buy and Owlkids

So, let's get to our winners, shall we?

Grand-prize winners: Artash and Arushi

arushi science odyssey 2018

Arushi explains their project on the TRAPPIST-1 system during #SciArt Gallery Science Rendezvous. (Courtesy of the Arushi and Artash's family)

Our winners this year are Artash, 12, and Arushi, 8. They created three awesome projects, including a model of the TRAPPIST-1 system that is said to be a possible home for life outside our own solar system. This makes sense to us—this brother-sister team are out of this world!


In addition, we have more prizes to award! These six runner-up entries each get an Owlkids prize pack:

  • Thomas Antoniades, 9
  • Angus, 13, and Fainen Kelly
  • Mikah, 9, and Emmett Warmington, 6
  • Sammy Targonsky, 8
  • Heidi Robertson, 10
  • Alex Barclay Sharpe, 10

Congrats to Artash and Arushi, and all our 2018 Science Odyssey Family Contest runners-up! We received hundreds of entries and it was so inspiring to see all your projects. Great work, everyone—we hope you had fun!

What do you say? See you next year? 2019 Science Odyssey Family Contest, we can't wait!

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