Presenting the 2022 National Science Reading Day winners!

We are so thrilled to reveal the winners of this annual contest, which includes prizes for individual students and classrooms
One of the five winning classrooms in the National Science Reading Day was Christine Russell's class in Brampton, ON. (Courtesy of Christine Russell)

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We love science and we love getting others as excited about it as we are. That's why we are always so proud to be a part of the National Science Reading Day Contest, presented by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). In a nutshell, the contest asks students to devote a day to reading about science. And in exchange, they become eligible for a bunch of great prizes.

Let's see the winners

This year, the sixth annual contest was held on September 21. So many of you entered—both as individuals and as entire classrooms. And now the time has come to announce the winners. Our favourite part!

Let's meet them all now ...

Individual winners

These five students each win a prize pack that includes magazines and books from children’s publishers valued at $200 each! Here's how one of the winners, Caius, went about doing their science reading:

For National Science Reading Day, I read the Pebbles How Fruits and Vegetables Grow books with my Dad: Apples Grow on a Tree, Tomatoes Grow on a Vine, Blueberries Grow on a Bush, Carrots Grow Underground and Lettuce Grows on the Ground. I liked learning about how the different fruits and veggies grow. I have some of them in my garden at home!

That's wonderful, Caius! Here are all five individual winners.

  • Caius, 4, Whitehorse, YK
  • Amelia, 3, Milton, ON
  • Owen, 8, Regina, SK
  • Dhara, 11, Markham, ON
  • Nivedika, 9, Markham, ON

Class winners (listed by teacher)

These five classrooms will each receive a $500 prize pack that includes magazines and books, plus a $100 Indigo gift card!

  • Sonia Albo: Etobicoke, ON
  • Kavita Sehgal: Edmonton, AB
  • Michelle Adams: Estevan, SK
  • Lindsay Gillan: Charlottetown, PEI
  • Christine Russell: Brampton, ON

Congratulations to you all! Thanks so much for participating and we'll see you next September.

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