See the incredible 600,000 plastic-bottle house

Canadian company JD Composites built the first home of this kind in the world
plastic bottle house This revolutionary home could be a game-changer. (JD Composites)

Plastic waste is a big issue currently. But one of the most impressive things about human creativity is how it gets energized by a crisis. So instead of just accepting this problem, we get...

Ambitious ocean cleanup projects and activism.

Worms that can consume plastic.

And, of course, ways to recycle plastic that not only reduce waste, but also help save energy and resources.

The latest example of this? A house built from material that was made from over half a million bottles!

From pellets to permanent

The company behind this groundbreaking home is JD Composites of Nova Scotia, Canada. They built a beautiful, modern three-bedroom beach house in Meteghan River, NS. And when we say modern, we mean it.

See, there have been plastic-bottle homes before this. They range from being pretty basic structures ...

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... to unusually creative and eye-catching masterpieces.

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But these homes were literally made of the bottles themselves. This new home is the first one to transform the plastic from bottles into entirely new materials.

The result is a plastic bottle home that is not only identical in appearance to regular homes, it is even superior in many ways.

Warm and inviting

The plastic bottle house has every feature that we are used to in our homes. (JD Composites)

To make the building materials, bottles are shredded into pellets. These are melted down into a paste and injected with air to form a foamy goo. This goo can then be shaped and once it hardens, presto, you have the materials to build a home.

And fast. The home that was built in Meteghan River? Its frame took only 7 hours to build. That is incredibly quick. And the benefits just begin there...

Because these plastic pieces are non-permeable (meaning air and water don't pass through them), the home is very well insulated. Once the inside temperature is set, it doesn't lose heat as quickly as a standard home does.

It is also strong. Builders claim to have tested a frame built from this plastic against hurricane force winds about 500 km/h (over 300 mph) and it did not budge. And at about $400,000 CDN to build and furnish, it also costs about the same to construct as your basic home would.

A new plastic future?

Cost-effective. Warm. Good looking. Sturdy. And it keeps plastic waste out of landfills and the ocean?

What's not to like?

Honestly, nothing that we can think of. Because if there's one thing that we really need right now, it's a way to turn this stuff...

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...into something that is helpful, not harmful. Way to build a new future, guys!

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  1. Id just like to say thank you very much for the kind words towards our company.
    We really enjoyed designing and building this.
    Much appreciated!

    David Saulnier
    President JD composites Inc.

    1. I reallllllllllllllllllllllly like that house. Like ALOT ALOT :p it’s really modern. How does electricity get in the house?

  2. That house looks really cool!!! How much money does it cost to buy that home? Could I buy it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese? Beacuse I really want to live in that house!!!!!!!!!

  3. This could change the scientific structure of houses and completely flip over climate change to a new page of economic houses, structures and even transportation!
    World wide discovery my compliments Owl Connected 😆

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