Ahhh! Shark! Oh wait … it’s just WasteShark!

Super cool aqua drone is like a robovac for the water
wasteshark The WasteShark is a new invention that is looking to make our harbours—and oceans—cleaner. (RanMarine)

Here's something you don't see every day...

What is it exactly? This is the WasteShark, a garbage-munching drone for the water.

It was invented by Richard Hardiman, a man from Cape Town, South Africa who wanted to create a device that could help clean trash out of a harbour before it reached the ocean. His solution?

An aqua-robovac!

"Jimmy? Did you vacuum the harbour this morning?"

As much as this device might seem a bit cutesy, it is really a very useful—and high tech—gadget. It can be either controlled remotely or use its onboard scanners to find trash all by itself. In fact, it's already been tested for a year by harbour cleaning staff in Rotterdam, a seaside city in the Netherlands. How is the WasteShark doing?

Here's a news report from South Africa that talks about the possible future of water waste management.

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  1. Brilliant idea! Now we need one that prevents humans throwing garbage into our oceans and all bodies of water. A call to be responsible for one’s actions!

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