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Issue 108

Can you feel it? Some different in the air? That's right. Issue 108 of the OWLconnected eMag is out today!

Every two weeks, we publish an issue of exclusive content on our tablet and computer-compatable eMag. And it comes free with an OWL Magazine subscription! What's in store this time? Let's have a look.

Numbats and Apps!

Issue 108

Feeling a little low on energy? This issue has just the recipe to pick you up.

November 19 is World Toilet Day. A day? For toilets? Not only is it a real thing, it brings awareness to a very important issue.

Then we look at the story of an incredible young Canadian inventor from Sudbury, 14 year-old Aaryan Harshith. He has designed the LightIR, a remarkable device that can be used to detect cancer cells during surgery. How? And why did he design such a gadget? We get into all of that and more in our look at this talented teen.

Excuse us, but what was that sound? Is that your stomach growling? Never fear, Issue 108 has you covered. We have a recipe for healthy, delicious energy bites that will keep you satisfied between meals and full of pep. Still hungry? This issue's quiz is on everyone's favourite dish, pasta! Ready to test your noodle? Check out issue 108 now!

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