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OWLconnected readers weigh in on finally going back to class
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Since the middle of March, schools across Canada and beyond have been closed. And from what we've seen, kids all over the country have handled this challenge with flying colours, learning from home alongside their parents and other caregivers. Not to mention getting very creative about it all. Way to go, everyone!

But still, we know that school is a routine many of you have missed. Which is why these days are so exciting. This week, many of you have gone back to school. Yes, it's a bit different than before. Masks are required. In many cases, students are being assigned to smaller groups called 'cohorts'. And then there are others who are choosing to continue learning at home.

But whatever shape it's taking, school is back! To celebrate, we decided to ask a group of OWLconnected readers a straightforward question ...

What are you looking forward to about the new school year?

Here's what you said!

Readers speak up on going back to school

It's no surprise that many of you missed one thing above all: your friends!


I am most looking forward to reconnecting with my friends.Milla


I’m looking forward to seeing my friends the most.Jonah

But a bunch of you missed your teachers just as much. We hear that—they're important leaders for all of us!


I’m really looking forward to having a teacher in front of me again, despite the fact that we’ll be in masks. Nothing comes close to being in class with your teacher. I also want to be able to see my friends, even if we’re socially distanced.Kulsoom


What I am looking forward to is seeing all of my friends and teachers.Owen

Some of you can't wait to tackle new subjects and new challenges at school.


I am very eager to begin learning various subjects. It’s very exciting for me! I also want to meet my old friends and make new ones, too.Richard


One thing I’m looking forward to when going to school is seeing my friends and learning French.Sonali


What I’m looking forward to most about the new school year is inspirational learning, meeting new classmates and new teachers, new opportunities and meaningful projects.Mariam

Meanwhile, we know that for some of you, school is going to continue exactly as it always did before the pandemic ... at home!


What I am most excited about the school year is probably starting Grade 7 with my homeschool community again. This is my fourth year homeschooling, so everything almost feels normal.Isabella

However you're returning to class, we wish you all an amazing school year. You deserve it!

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  1. i have already started school at the Cottage Forest School! It is a lot of fun and there are frots and a zip line and a pond and kayaks and a canoe!

  2. I was happy to see my teacher. I am happy to be back at school to play Scrabble. I like to be back at school to play with the hoops. I am happy to be back with my friends. I like seeing all the students who are back. We can also see some of our school friends on the computer who are doing class at home.

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