Capybaras’ “capybabies” are un-bara-bly cute

Fuzzy triplets' parents are the same rodents who escaped a Toronto zoo last spring
capybara babies It's Bonnie and her three adorable pups! (Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department)

Last year, the city of Toronto found itself in the middle of one the biggest escape stories of the year.

Was there a high speed car chase? No, not that.

A prison break? Hmmm...maybe that's a bit closer.

It was the great capybara chase of 2016!

On May 24, two capybaras that lived in the High Park Zoo chose high adventure as they fled their enclosure and disappeared into the surrounding woods of the park. The duo were eventually found and returned to the zoo. And now, almost a year later, this tricky pair are parents to three adorable pups.

Or as everyone is calling them, capybabies! Have a look!

(CBC News)

Is this wildlife leaving their wild life behind?

Bonnie and Clyde became world famous after their springtime adventure last year. Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world. (Getty Embed)

During their daring escape, the parents were nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde after a pair of famous American bank robbers from the 1930s. These large South American rodents certainly enjoyed a wild spring, but it seems that they are ready to settle down in the High Park Zoo after all.

The mother and the three pups are all doing well, and probably eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring weather in Toronto (they normally live in a hot rainforest). Already the city's mayor has tweeted out his congratulations and the whole zoo is thrilled by the news.

Improving the zoo

So now that there are three new pups in the capybara enclosure at High Park, is anyone worried that they might try to escape, too? The officials and friends of the zoo are trying to stay one step ahead of this problem.

Last October, they started a campaign to raise funds to improve the quality of the zoo's enclosures. High Park Zoo is free all year round and relies on donations to survive. It receives about 700,000 visitors a year. In addition, the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation has set up a baby registry for the capybabies so that further donations can be collected to spruce up their home.

Overall, the zoo is in the middle of a 10-year, $20-million renovation program. All of which means that these three pups have come along at a great time.

Congratulations, Bonnie and Clyde! Let's look at your super cute kids again! (Who could resist?)

(CBC News)

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