Celebrate National Science Reading Day!

And in honour of the September 18th day of recognition, there's a contest that you can enter, too
national science reading day

If there's one thing that we love at OWLconnected, it's science. We love talking about it. We love writing about it. And we love the feeling of being flat out wowed by it.

But before any of those things can happen, we need to read about it. And fortunately, we love doing that to!

As a part of Science Literacy Week 2019, this September 18 is National Science Reading Day. And it's all about the joy to be found in reading about science!

Enter the contest

This contest is part of a nationwide, week-long celebration! (NSERC)

To help celebrate, Owlkids has partnered with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to hold a National Science Reading Day contest! The rules are simple. Devote a part of the day on either September 17, 18, or 19 to science reading. The reading could be in the form of a book, a magazine, or a website and it can be fiction or non-fiction. Then send proof of your efforts by either sending a reading list or a photo of you in the act to us!

Four classroom winners will receive a prize of tons of great books AND a $100 Indigo gift card to expand their own science library. And five individual winners will receive a prize pack of books and magazines exploring innovation and imagination. And by just entering, we all get the gift of learning more about our world through science!

Learn everything you need to know about the contest, including reading suggestions, HERE, and check out our video below as well. Get your read on, Canada!

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