Celebrate spring with this timelapse of flowers blooming

Incredible short film took three years for filmmaker Jamie Scott to complete
flowers blooming Hello, Spring! (Screenshot courtesy of Jamie Scott/Vimeo)

Spring started officially on Monday, March 20. But for most Canadians and Americans outside of the southern part of the country, chances are that things are only just now starting to feel like spring. The scarfs and gloves are in the closet. The sun is warming the days. The trees have sprouted vibrant leaves and blossoms, flowers are blooming everywhere, and the grass is turning all lush and emerald green.

And some of you have started sneezing a lot more. (Silly allergies!)

Still, sniffles aside, it's a pretty amazing time of year. And a lot of that is because of the happy feeling we get from seeing so many colours almost appear like magic.

Watching it happen in front of your eyes

In a way, flowers blooming is magic. These seemingly lifeless trees and seeds and bushes that have been dull for months suddenly explode and grow. No matter how many times you experience it, it is still pretty special. That's probably what inspired filmmaker Jamie Scott to spend three years making a four-minute video of flowers blooming. He calls it Spring, and it is super beautiful stuff. Have a look!

Tedious timelapse

As we were saying, spring is amazing any way you look at it. But as a timelapse... well, that's a whole other level of awesome!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a timelapse is basically a sped-up video or series of images. It allows minutes, hours, days, weeks, and even years of time to pass by in seconds. This technique lets us see very slow changes happen at a speed where we can better observe them. It's useful to see things like tides going in and out, glaciers melting, day turning to night, and—what do you know—flowers blooming!

flower cherry blossoms

"Okay, okay, steady... looking good..." Scott had no room for error when filming flowers like cherry blossoms. It was a case of now or next year! (Screenshot courtesy of Jamie Scott/Vimeo)

It also explains why this film took Scott three years to shoot. Though he was able to film some flowers in his studio, others, such as cherry blossoms, were only available for tiny windows of time. If he didn't get the right shot of them, he could try again, of course. Next year.

In the end though, we're grateful that he stuck to it! Maybe watch Spring one more time... then get outside and enjoy some flowers for real.

Nature rules!

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    The video was great I liked the music and everything it was really COOL!

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