CES 2018 brings top tech to life

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the biggest trade show of the year for new gadgets
ces Once again, Las Vegas is the centre of some of the wildest, most cutting edge tech in the world.(James Mattil | Dreamstime.com)

For the last 50 years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been held every January in Las Vegas. The reason? To preview all of the brand new shiny gadgets looking to make our lives easier, faster, and more fun in the next 12 months.

Over the years, CES has debuted innovations in transportation, entertainment, cooking, healthcare, home organization, and pretty much any other field touched by electronics (which these days is pretty much everything). And since today is the official opening of CES 2018, the natural question is: What's on tap this year?

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Well, there's way too much stuff to get to everything, but here are a few things that really caught our eye.

Music of the mind

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So wireless tech is the ultimate headphone experience, right? Hold on there, it's time to make way for Melomind. Though this gadget can be used as a normal pair of headphones, the real point of interest is that it can read your mind. How? Why?

See those things that look like a pair of gold-bristled toothbrushes? These are neurosensors (brain-wave readers) that allow the Melomind app to track how your brain is feeling. The app then sends customized sounds and music through the headphones to help you relax. It also presents instructions on screen to help you, like, super chill out. These might be a cool thing to try out before that next big test at school!

Virtual reality remade

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Virtual reality is another device that has become huge lately. More and more video games are using the technology, and mobile VR headsets (which allow you to turn your smartphone into a VR screen) are also becoming more common.

The LooxidVR headset is exciting because it is the first one to contain eye and brain tracking sensors. This technology can do a few things. For one, it can allow VR apps and games to respond better to the user. This would make gameplay smoother and more natural (even though it's a virtual world...). And like the Melomind headphones,designers also think that it could be used for relaxation and medical purposes, too.

My robotic Buddy

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Electronic Assistants aren't exactly a new thing. Companies like Google and Amazon already have devices that do everything; from giving you reminders and turning on the lights, to playing your favourite songs and answering questions. But those devices aren't anywhere as cute as Buddy.

This robot is one of a new breed of bots made to be a part of the family. Buddy is programmed to recognize you by your face. It is made to play with and help its owners when they're home, as well as look after the place when they're away. And, of course, Buddy is always ready to greet you with a laugh and a smile.

Would you like Buddy around your home? Maybe this video will help you make up your mind...

The Consumer Electronics Show runs from January 9-12 in Las Vegas.

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