CN Tower reveals brand new windows

Just before the July 1 Canada 150 celebrations, Toronto landmark opens incredible floor-to-ceiling windows
The view from the LookOut level of the CN Tower has always been great...and it just got even better. (© Mishkaki | Dreamstime)

The CN Tower is an icon of both Toronto and Canada. Last summer, it celebrated its 40th birthday. And now, with Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary, the tower is adding a few new touches to make its view of the city better than ever.

On Monday, it introduced floor-to-ceiling walls on its LookOut observation level.

Easy access, better view

The LookOut level is 346 m (1,136 ft) above the ground. It has been one of the main observation levels in the tower since it first opened. But in the past, its windows started a few feet above the floor.

The old style of windows on the LookOut level of the tower. (Getty Embed)

This meant that small children and visitors in wheelchairs needed some help to get the phenomenal full view of the city below.

Not anymore!

Now all visitors can get the complete picture. If you're really fearless, you can even get right up to the window and look straight down! (Or go a floor below and stand on the glass floor!)

Getting ready for the party

Celebration! (Getty Embed)

Two large sections of floor-to-ceiling windows were opened on Monday. Soon, the tower plans to add more floor-to-ceiling windows around the level, part of a $16-million renovation project. And their large size is only part of their charm.

These windows are self-tinting. This means that based on the time of day and the amount of sunlight coming in, the windows adjust so that it is always comfortable for tourists to look out of them (and never blindingly bright). Whether day or night, sunny or cloudy, things look equally clear.

Of course, the tower had extra reason to unveil these windows now. The 150th Canada Day is just around the corner! There are plans for a big celebration at the tower, complete with a jaw-dropping fireworks display (one that will look better than ever from inside thanks to these windows).

Check out a CTV News report of tourists getting to see the renovation for the first time. Lucky people!

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