CONTEST: Earth-friendly gadgets for Earth Day

Plus, celebrate our unique world with a remarkable video that uses Google Earth images to show us what human civilization looks like from above
Earth Day 2018 Want to win an awesome prize pack? Read on, Earth lovers!

It's Earth Day this Sunday, and we're excited as always. After all, OWL has been a nature and science magazine for over 40 years now. The Earth is kind of our favourite subject!

Just look at it...
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Satellite images like this give us an incredible chance to appreciate the unbelievable natural formations on our planet.

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But human beings—and our cities and civilizations—also contribute to the many remarkable patterns and shapes visible from space. See?

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Enter the Arena!

Which brings us to a video that we'd like to share with you. Arena is a tribute to the many designs and arrangements that we place over the Earth. Irish artist Páraic McGloughlin created it by stringing together thousands of Google Earth satellite images into a little movie. We like to think of it as a reminder that human civilizations have their own beauty to them—as long as we can learn to work with nature and not against it!

CONTEST: Win a pair of green tech gadgets!


All this could be yours!

So Earth is pretty great, no? Makes you want to do what you can to keep it vibrant and green, right? But then, modern tech gadgets are awfully tempting. Thankfully, as we reported in the April issue of OWL, there are Earth-friendly gadgets out there that make being green and tech-obsessed easy! Would you like to win a couple of them? Good!

We're giving away one (1) prize pack featuring a pair of awesome Earth-friendly gadgets to a lucky OWLconnected reader! The pack features:

  • a Bedol water-powered alarm clock (yes, it runs on water!)
  • a House of Marley rechargeable Get Together Bluetooth speaker—it is sustainably made of bamboo and recycled fabrics
  • a copy of When Planet Earth Was New By James Gladstone

To enter, just comment below with your answer to the following question:

How do you and your family celebrate Earth Day?

Contest is open to residents of Canada only. Contest closes on Tuesday, May 1st at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be randomly chosen. Prizes courtesy of Bedol, House of Marley, and Owlkids Books. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen here.

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  1. We (24 students in our grade 3 class) celebrate Earth Day by reading books about our planet such as: Just A dream by Chris Van Allsburg, Winston of Churchill by Jean Davis Okimodo. We then discuss ways that we can help our planet. We watch a video on the importance of replanting trees that we cut down as well. Art is always fun as we draw posters to try to persuade others to help take care of our planet. We write on bandages ways that we can help to heal the Earth and these are places around a globe to display so others can learn from our ideas too. In our class, we learn throughout the year to not waste paper, turn off the lights when we leave the room. and to recycle our beverage containers. Earth Day is so much fun!

  2. We go to Ojibway Park and appreciate
    nature with its animals and plants.
    We need to preserve our green space
    more now than ever.

  3. Thank you! You reminded us how important it is to keep the Earth clean,and that is what some people need! 😀

  4. On Earth Day, me and my family take EXTRA care to turn off the lights when not in use and use as less water as possible(e.g taking short showers and turning off the tap while brushing). We also try to walk instead of take the car, and power-down (put away electronics and play a board game or card game instead)!

  5. This year my mom and I are going to Guelph, ON, for the Green Party’s Earth Day Rally! We are taking my friend, Zoe, as well. We are all going to wear our favourite Monarch butterfly t-shirts (“Got Milkweed?”, “Raise the Migration”, “Plant Milkweed”) and hand out milkweed seeds to anyone and everyone who wants them. We are really excited that David Suzuki is going to be there!!! 😀

  6. We try our best to use as little power as possible and turn of all lights. We don’t use electronics all day and we make sure to take advantage of the great outdoors. Sometimes we go for a bike ride or a hike. Our community also hosts a clean up the park hour where we go around cleaning up anything we find. I also encourage all of my friends to go green for a day as well.

  7. At my sisters birthday ? party, the kids will be planting a little flower in a pot to take home with them as a party favour. We think that this is more earth friendly than each kid getting a plastic toy in their loot bag. It’s a celebration of earth day and a birthday!

  8. My family and I often go for a hike or clean up around our neighbourhood too keep our area of Earth as clean and healthy as possible. 😉

  9. We are celebrating Earth Day by taking a long familiy hike and then cleaning up our yard. HAPPY EARTH DAY!

  10. My boys would love the alarm clock—such a cool idea. Our boys always pick up trash when we are hiking and throw it away when we get back down.

  11. My family and I celebrate earth day by wearing green and blue. We are going to take a break from technology and play board games.

  12. We celebrate Earth Day by helping a bunch of other neighbours cleaning up garbage in our nearby forest behind my school.

  13. We pick up litter.
    And we do something to enjoy the earth. Later today we’re going to go on a hike in a forest.

  14. We spent time hiking near the Credit River hoping to see the fish running upstream. We didn’t get to see any fish, but we did get up close with a very hungry wild turkey and fed him some almonds. He seemed quite grateful and wandered off after he had his fill.

  15. We celebrate Earth Day by spending time outdoors enjoying this beautiful place we call home! Sometimes we go for a hike, go to a park to play, or just a walk around the neighbourhood!

  16. To celebrate Earth Day me and my family went for a walk, played sports, and enjoyed time together.! We also cleaned up and enjoyed the weather(since today in Canada, it’s earth day and it was very warm).we also as family reduced are laptop time. I am happy there is Earth Day so we can appreciate nature and it’s beauties. My name is Khadijah Patel and I am 11. I enjoy nature and outside activities. Last but not least HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!

  17. Earth day at our house is a very special day.
    We use natural sunlight during the day instead of lights. We spend the afternoon walking the neighborhood to clean up garbage. Next we have lunch made of vegetables grown locally. When evening comes, we use candles and solar powered lights only. We sing songs about our earth and play games together.

  18. My family and I celebrate Earth Day by challenging each other in a competition to see who can be the most resourceful. For example, we see who can take the shortest shower, how many lights we can turn off, how many things we recycle, etc. We also combine it with spring cleaning.

  19. On Earth day, me and my family have a picnic by the Fraser river then we go around picking up garbage along the beach. We try to spend the afternoon using as little energy as possible.

  20. I actually consider Earth Day everyday and am teaching my child as such as it should be. I didnt do anything out of the ordinary as we are well aware of our carbon footprint but we did this past one go for a walk and look for treasures left over from the winter . We also made some reuse what you find crafts and repurposed some things.

  21. We go to the movie theatre and watch the earth day movie from National Geographic. The funds go to helping animals.

  22. We keep the car in the garage! We, also, decide which veggie seeds we will plant in the garden this year.

  23. I’m just moving so it’s really tempting not to be environmental, but I found a way to recycle moving boxes but reaching out to my community, and also to reduce package waste by wrapping fragile items in my clothes for packing

  24. 🙂 It’s “pick up twigs and broken limbs since the ice-storm at our house. They are gone now and the green grass is now appearomg. Spring, this year, has been very slow in arriving. Earth Day brings people out of the house and busy in their yards and flower beds.

  25. We turned off all the lights and played hide and seek in the dark for a few hours! It was loads of fun!!!

  26. I cannot believe what is coming out these days.
    A water powered alarm clock? Love to have this clock.
    Interesting to see how well it works and how long it will last.
    Thumbs up for new technology!

  27. Everyone else’s answers seem pretty cool, but if I’m being honest here all we do is BBQ and use candles.

  28. I enjoy a nice walk in the park and pick up the garbage. I celebrate the earth every day by working picking up garbage, recycling, reusing or giving things away rather than throwing them out. I leave the curtains open and the lights out. I do “guerilla gardening” in barren patches.

  29. we pick up crash and go to the park to pickup crash. I like to go on hikes and pick up crash. this year I got 5 bags of crash .HAPPY EARTH DAY

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