Deep-sea scientists can’t get enough of this jelly!

It's a real treat to hear them get so excited over seeing the rare Deepstaria jelly
deep-sea Discovered some 750 metres (2,500 feet) down in the Pacific Ocean, this rare jelly gave scientists a lot to talk about. (

You might think that scientists know everything there is to know about nature. But that's not true!

They're humans who are always learning, just like the rest of us. Sometimes, even they see something that blows their minds! And when they do — as you'll see in this video from the crew of a research vessel called The Nautilus — it's super fun to listen in on them as they talk about it.

And educational, too!

A great example of these amazing sights are deep-sea creatures — the kind that often defy easy description and couldn't exist anywhere else on the planet. Let's meet one now!

Deepstaria jelly

The Deepstaria jelly is unlike anything we've ever seen. In this clip, it begins looking like a ghost. But it slowly morphs and changes into a variety of shapes and sizes — stretching to cover an incredible area.

Even more amazing? Inside it is a red isopod — an deep-sea aquatic crustacean. This creature hasn't been eaten. It's literally living inside the jelly! Why?

As you'll hear in this video, not even the scientists observing it know for sure. But that doesn't stop them from trying to guess — especially about the jelly itself. Are you ready to become a deep-sea explorer yourself?

Dive in!

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