Dive deep underwater with OceanX

Pioneering ocean explorers reveal for the first time the mysteries of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica
oceanX Antarctica This Gentoo penguin knows what's hidden under the surface of the Antarctic waters. Do you? (© Vladimir Seliverstov | Dreamstime.com)

We love, love, love nature documentaries. As in, ALL nature documentaries.

It doesn't matter whether it's a film about wildebeest migrations, volcanoes in Iceland, or sea turtles hatching ... just give us the natural world in all of its fascinating and beautiful splendor!

Of course, we do have a few favourites. A lush tropical rainforest is like wildlife on overdrive. The metamorphosis of butterflies is a slice of real-life wizardry. And then there's the deep ocean ...

Is there any place on the planet that feels more like it's not on this planet? Hold that thought, because we're about to show you three recent videos from OceanX that just might make you feel like you're visiting another world. Or at least, another time!

Going boldly into the cold

oceanX Antarctica

This panorama of Antarctic Sound shows the location where these videos were shot. Well, the surface anyway! (© Karen Foley | Dreamstime.com)

OceanX is an exploration organization equipped with state-of-art equipment, and vessels that can go underwater. They've collaborated with the BBC and some of their filmmakers have worked on the famous Planet Earth series.

In a nutshell, OceanX is dedicated to showing things never seen before. And we don't specifically just mean never seen before by people, who don't like nature docs as much as us (whaaat?). No, we're talking about sights literally never seen before by humankind.

Are you ready to take a plunge into the unknown depths of the Southern Ocean near Antarctica? Trust us, you'll love it!

First, join filmmaker Gavin Thurston as he explains filming a "witch's cauldron" of brine on the ocean floor ...

Next, dive along the edge of an iceberg with photographer Hugh Miller and see if you can still tell up from down!

Finally, go back down to the bottom of the sea and spend a little longer with the creatures there. It truly feels like a trip to the Cambrian era around 500 million years ago. That's hundreds of millions of years before the dinosaurs.

Back in time we go ... see you tomorrow!

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  1. In Antarctica I want to see penguins. I like Starfish. I wait to see seals. I saw penguins. I would like to go submarines. I want to see the electric light jellyfish. Antarctica is peaceful.

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