Earth Hour 2018 is tonight’s can’t miss event!

Annual lights-out hour to raise environmental awareness happens March 24 between 8:30 and 9:30pm
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So, it's Saturday night. The weekend. Freeeeee time! What are your plans? Can we make a suggestion?

Because this evening is Earth Hour 2018. Between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. local time (wherever you happen to be), we're all encouraged to turn off the lights, turn off the devices, and go power-free for an hour.

And just what does this annual event look like? Well, here's a past Earth Hour event in Moscow...

Embed from Getty Images London...

Embed from Getty Images New York.

Embed from Getty Images

When compared to a normal evening, say this one of New York...

Embed from Getty Images

...that's pretty impressive!

A time for the Earth, a time for the family

One of the great things about Earth Hour 2018 is that it gives us all a chance to hang out and focus on something other than screens. Why not organize a candlelit board game night with the family? Or if you live in a city, perhaps you could take advantage of less light pollution to get a clearer look at the stars? (You might be surprised by what you're able to see without all those lights getting in the way!)

But the very best thing about Earth Hour is the opportunity to think about what our one and only home means to you—and what you can do to be a better guest of the planet. There are currently a variety of issues facing Earth, such as climate change and extreme weather. But science shows that nearly all of these issues have practical solutions. From recycling and waste reduction to eating less meat and cycling more, little things add up.

Get psyched for tonight by watching the video and ask yourself, what would you like to do more regularly to help Earth? Have a great night!

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