See Earth how a NASA astronaut gets to see it

Astronaut Victor Glover shot this video while traveling on board Crew-1 on his way to the ISS
nasa astronaut NASA astronaut Victor Glover is now on board the International Space Station (ISS), and he shot a lovely video on his way up. (NASA)

Thanks to CGI and other computer techniques, Hollywood has been able to deliver us all kinds of views of outer space and the planets. From the hyper-realistic to the fantastical, getting to feel like we're in space is only a click away.

And yet ...

As enjoyable as they can be, there's something a little underwhelming about these sequences. Mainly it's that as we see, for example, Spiderman clinging to an alien ship that's breaking out of Earth's gravity, we know it's not real. It's cool to look at, but it's not actually happening.

The view out my window is pretty great!

That's what makes this video from recently launched NASA astronaut Victor Glover so great. Sure, it's not as flashy as a Hollywood flick. But taken from the capsule of SpaceX's awesome new Crew Dragon craft, it's the real deal! And so is Victor's understandable awe at seeing our home planet from so high above.

Watch for yourself in the video below. (And also refresh your memory on the Crew Dragon's special passenger in this post!)

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