Spokesperson Emma Rose Ferraro talks about Autism Speaks Canada

Autism Speaks Canada is an organization that raises awareness and supports people with autism and their families.
Autism Speaks Emma Rose and her father, John, at a recent Autism Speaks Canada Walk. (Courtesy of Emma Rose Ferraro)

We recently caught up with 13-year-old Emma Rose, a spokesperson for Autism Speaks Canada. Emma Rose is a passionate teen with a love of art, video games, and spending time with her family. Speaking of her family, they have been involved with Autism Speaks since 2013.

Emma Rose speaks

OWLconnected: Can you tell us a bit about Autism Speaks Canada and what the organization does?

Emma Rose: Autism Speaks Canada does so much for so many people across Canada. We spread a message of acceptance, inclusion, and compassion to help improve autistic people’s quality of life.

The organization has given me a voice to help spread awareness and help represent them in the community. Some examples are being a spokesperson on television on Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd).

OC: How do you define autism spectrum disorder?

ER: It’s a different way of thinking and processing information.

OC: What are some ways schools can better help their autistic students?

ER: More training is needed for education and awareness.

Emma Rose loved the recent Autism Speaks Canada Walk! (Courtesy of Emma Rose Ferraro)

OC: Do you think it’s important for movies and TV shows to include characters with autism?

ER: Yes, I do. Since there are so many people struggling with autism, it will help with educating others.

OC: What are some of your favourite hobbies?

ER: I love to sing, dance, swim, write stories, and read. I enjoy spending time with family and travelling, and I love playing video games. My favourite one has got to be Minecraft: Story Mode.

OC: What is your biggest accomplishment?

ER: Winning an art contest. I just drew a crazy cool world!

Emma Rose says, "Picture this!" (Courtesy of Emma Rose Ferraro)

OC: What do you wish more people knew about autism spectrum disorder?

ER: I wish more people understood how we think and process information. A common misconception is that we don’t care and are in our own world. We want to be included but find it hard sometimes.

Every year, the organization hosts many events, including Autism Speaks Canada Walks that take place across the country. Click here to find a walk closest to your community, and to learn more about Autism Speaks Canada, visit autismspeaks.ca.

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  1. Emma Rose, you are truly an inspiration to so many young kids and parents. Keep spreading awareness honey. Your heart and bright spirit gives us all hope that anyone living with Autism does have a voice. We love you! xox MB

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