GAME PREVIEW: Nintendo Labo

OWL reader Nate attended the launch for the new maker-style kit for the Nintendo Switch
nate labo robot It's liftoff for RoboNate at the Nintendo Labo launch event. The brand new kit combines maker-style building with fun games. (Kendra Brown)

The maker revolution is a truly exciting thing. Designing and building our own devices tests our knowledge, challenges us, and it can even provide solutions to real-world problems. While Nintendo Labo—the latest game for the Nintendo Switch system—isn't quite on the same level as this, we think it could be a cool gateway into the maker world for many of you.

The kit comes with a collection of cardboard panels, cords, and other pieces that you can assemble into all kinds of awesome gadgets. A fishing rod, a toy piano, a robot jet pack, an RC bug, and lots more. All of these devices are then linked to the Switch's screen and controls to create a series of interactive games. So build the gadget, then play the game. Cool!

nate labo certificate

Nate at the Labo event.

Nintendo Labo comes out on Friday, April 20. Nintendo recently held a launch event, and OWL reader Nate was eager to go and check it out for us. What did he think? Take it away, Nate!

Nate's Nintendo Labo Experience

nate labo build

Trying to the build the RC "car"...

Trying out Nintendo Labo was an interesting experience. Making a cardboard RC car and fishing rod that could come to life with the Switch is pretty cool. The RC car was easier to make, but I didn’t quite finish the fishing rod. It took so long just to do all the folding. I was like ahhhhhh!!!!! I liked the robot game the best. Kids who love to build would love Nintendo Labo.

nate labo rc


Thanks, Nate! Want to know more about how Nintendo Labo works? Check out this preview video here. We've got to be honest ... it looks awfully fun and interesting, too!

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  1. I would like to build a car. I would like to build a fishing rod. I want to play piano. I want a fishing rod. I want a ceiling fan in the house. I want the jet pack, but I wish it was real. I want to push all the buttons!!

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