General KnOWLedge: How do 3D printers work?

An up-close look at one of the most revolutionary devices around
3d printers

We write about 3D printers quite a bit on this site. And with good reason! From food to clothing to gadgets to buildings and even living tissue, there doesn't seem to be anything that they can't print!

All of which led to an obvious question: When are we going to do a General KnOWLedge video on this device?

The answer? Today!

The power of print

In today's OWLconnected General KnOWLedge, we're joined by 3D-printing expert, Hugh Elliott, manager of CoLab at the Catalyst at Ryerson University in Toronto. Hugh has printed some super-cool stuff, some of which he shares with us in this video! Along the way, he breaks down all of the hows and whys behind these truly revolutionary machines.

To learn everything you need to know about 3D printers, simply press 'Print', er, 'Play', on the video below!

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