Meet Canada’s impressive glowing northern scorpion

Did you even know that there was a scorpion species here? Well, you can't miss it (under UV light at least!)
northern scorpion Thankfully, you don't need to get as close as this to understand why the northern scorpion is so cool. (© Pnwnature |

We did not know that there was a scorpion that was native to Canada. We're not sure exactly how to take this news either...


But hold on there, it's not all bad. For one, the northern scorpion is not only found pretty far from civilization, it is an incredibly shy animal. It comes out at night and even then tries to keep to the shadows. Which leads to a pretty amazing adaption.

Just what is it? We'll let Canadian science icon David Suzuki tell you all about it in this video clip from the CBC documentary, The Wild Canadian Year.

Who turned on the scorpion?

We have to say ... for something that wants to hide, that arachnid sure knows how to stand out! And if you dug that, you can learn about another glowing animal right here: the swell shark!

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