Grover explains the U.S. presidential election

Everyone's favourite Sesame Street Muppet is here to help you understand how today's big election works... Spoiler alert: it's all about how many chickens you've got!
grover election He's not on the ballot, but Super Grover is still coming to the rescue this election! (© Sam20140218 |

It's been a long time coming, and we're not exaggerating. Tonight—finally—is the U.S. presidential election. It arrives after a super-long stretch of campaigning that began for candidates as early as April... of last year! That's one and a half years ago. Yikes!

But this evening, we will discover whether Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump will be the country's 45th president. If you decide to stay up to watch some of this drama unfold, you're going to hear two words a lot: electoral college. And just what is that? A university for electricians? Are voters going to night school? Such high stakes questions deserve a top-notch explanation, and we have found the perfect critter for the job.


There's an election at the end of this video

That's right, sit back and watch as Grover and his pal, Sal, help explain the electoral college and what it means to the election. Plus some stuff about chickens, too.

Bok! Bok! It's election night in the U.S.A., everybo-deeeeee!


Did you get all of that? You could say that neither Clinton nor Trump should count their chickens before they've hatched! Haha!

See you back here tomorrow morning for the big result.

Bonus trivia

Did you know that there was a U.S. president named Grover?

Grover Cleveland was a Democrat who served as president twice: 1885–1889 and 1893–1897. As you can see, he was neither blue nor furry.

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