Hands-free sneakers are music to your feet!

New hands-free shoes are one more excuse not to go barefoot
Are hands-free shoes the future of footwear? (Nike)

Chances are, you aren't running off to too many places at this moment (we're looking at you, COVID!), and depending on where you live, sneakers might not be the most practical option when you do head out (thanks, snow!). That being said, we have something that may put a little spring in your step and have you dreaming of warmer (and less slushy) days ahead! Behold: the hands-free sneaker.

Because Your Hands Deserve a Break!

You read that right. Forget bending down to tie your shoelaces and cinching them in for a tighter fit. The Nike GO FlyEase will do all of this for you (and actually, these shoes don't need laces). Hassle-free shoes without the tripping hazard of laces? YES please! Alright, we're being a little dramatic with the tripping hazard part, but still. These sneakers are COOL! You can't deny it. Can You?

Judge for yourself by viewing this video made by Nike.

Let us know what you think of these futuristic kicks in the comments below!

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