High def? Mos def! Check out the ISS in 8k!

NASA and ESA release high quality video of astronauts doing their thing to commemorate 18 consecutive years of humans in space
8k high def iss Lights, camera, space action! Astronaut Ricky Arnold shooting part of this new video. (NASA)

The International Space Station (ISS) is a place that we visit often in our posts. And why not? We love space and science, and nothing combines the two like this amazing spacecraft.

Of course, when we say 'visit', we mean that metaphorically—though the gap between us being space voyeurs and actual space travelers is closing thanks to this new video!

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) have worked together on the ISS since its beginnings. Along with Russia, Japan, and Canada, their efforts are what help keep the station running and crewed. In fact, since November 2, 2000, there's always been a crew on the ISS. In other words, since that date, there has always been a human being in space. Worth a celebration, don't you think?

Window into life in space

iss 8k

We think that this window on the ISS looks like a part of the Millennium Falcon. That's pretty cool, just saying. (NASA)

NASA and ESA certainly thought so. That's why they released a video on November 2 to commemorate the 18th anniversary of this achievement. And not just any video, either. This is the first 8k video of life on the station.

(Hold on a sec. 8K? When did we get there? Wasn't it just last week that 4K was a good as picture quality got? Why is technology so crazy?)

Of course, to see it in 8K, you'll need an 8K monitor. But honestly, this video looks beautiful and wondrous on any screen. You really get an understanding of what a day in the life of these astronauts is like. Namely, they do a surprising amount of gardening!

It underscores how much astronauts are scientists, first. Every day is marked by studies and tests to better understand how things live and grow in space. And by doing so, the hope is that we can improve how we live not only in the cosmos, but down here, too.

Are you ready for launch? Start the countdown below...

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