INTERVIEW: We talk to Bill Nye about Nintendo Labo!

Watch as OWLconnected reporter Ashleigh quizzes everyone's favourite Science Guy about building stuff from scratch and why we need more of it in the world
bill nye

Normally every Saturday at OWLconnected is The Week In 60 time. But since it's the final weekend of Science Odyssey across Canada, we've got a special treat for you instead—our very own interview with Bill Nye The Science Guy!

OWLconnected reporter Ashleigh got a chance to speak with Bill at a recent launch event for Nintendo Labo. She asks him about what he likes the most about the gadget, why building objects is an important activity for all ages, and what kind of robot he would build.

Take it away, Ashleigh!

Bill Nye meets OWLconnected

That was great! We hope you have an awesome long weekend and remember...there's still time to go and do something science-y and enter our Science Odyssey contest! The prizes rule and we're pretty sure Bill Nye would be impressed. Details are below.

Goooooooo Science!

Contest alert

Don't miss the Science Odyssey Family Contest. Click HERE TO ENTER.

Science Odyssey is a 10-day, Canada-wide celebration of all things science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

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