INTERVIEW: Meet some young activists!

We speak to four Canadian activists appearing in a new YTV documentary airing this Friday
CitizenKid The young activists profiled in CitizenKid: Earth Comes First—L to R, Cooper Price, Charlene Rocha, Hannah Alper, Sophia Mathur—visit the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. (© Stefani Reynolds)

You may have noticed a certain word appearing more and more in the news these days. Activist.

Perhaps it's a word that you're curious about. Or maybe it is one you're already familiar with. You may even consider yourself an activist (which is awesome to hear!). And you may want to be involved but don't know where to begin ...

Activism can take many forms. Writing. Speaking. Marching. Fundraising.

And it can fight for many causes. Equal rights. Environmentalism. Voting rights. Anti-racismPeace.

But at its heart, all activism shares one theme: It is about trying to bring awareness of an issue to others and change to society. Being an activist is hard work, but often very rewarding.

Four people who've learned this lesson well are Hannah Alper, Cooper Price, Charlene Rocha, and Sophia Mathur—the young Canadian activists at the heart of a brand new YTV documentary, CitizenKid: Earth Comes First.

Activists that we were fortunate enough to interview!

Talking with us about activism

Standing in front of Queen's Park—the headquarters of the Ontario government—in Toronto. (Peter Bregg)

The documentary—which airs this Friday at 5:30pm E/P on YTV—follows the four of them as they attend rallies, meet with fellow activists, and set out to inspire students to tackle climate change. It's an exciting look into what it takes to put yourself on the frontline of change—no matter how old you are!

That's why OWL editor Melissa jumped at the chance to sit down with them and talk about their lives as activists. In our interview, they discuss finding the confidence as a young person to stand up for what you believe in, staying motivated, asking tough questions, making speeches, and so much more.

Are you ready to be inspired? Then watch the interview below! (And stay tuned for the trailer for CitizenKid: Earth Comes First at the end, too.)

CitizenKid: Earth Comes First airs on Friday, June 5 at 5:30pm E/P on YTV.

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