In issue 121 we put our foot to the pedal!

World Bicycle Day and brilliant youth scientists and chefs are all featured in our new eMag
Issue 121

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Issue 121 is out NOW and we're so excited to bring it to you, we're biking it right up to your door! Okay, that's not literally true, but we do open the issue by celebrating World Bicycle Day, which is today, June 3! Summer is right around the corner, the days are getting longer and warmer ... what more reason do you need to hop on a two-wheeler?

And that's just the start of things ...

Experiments and recipes

Issue 121

A huge part of Issue 121 is spent profiling amazing young talent—some of it in the lab, and some of it in the kitchen!

First, we look at four youth scientists who were recently awarded for the commercial potential of their innovative projects. From experiments on sunscreen and air-driven motors to ideas for artificial hands and mental health bots, we know you'll be blown away by their ideas and talent.

Then it's off to the kitchen with Junior Chef Showdown contestant Nazaree Arandjelovic. We interview her on her love of food and cooking, and the challenges of competing on a TV show. Yummy stuff! We also have a comic that explores green transportation (Happy World Bicycle Day, everyone!), and a video on everyone's favourite messy, gooey craft ... slime!

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