How do you like your lab-grown steak?

Israeli company Aleph Farms has grown their own beef in a lab. Will this change how we eat?
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It's the holidays—a time that is full of feasting for a lot of us. But what's on the menu?

Though a great majority of people in North America eat meat in their diets, statistics are showing that more and more people are making changes to what they eat.

That can mean becoming vegan (eating zero animal products of any kind) or vegetarian (which includes eating eggs and/or dairy). Others don't eat food like breads and grains due to allergies and other health issues.

Whatever one's diet choices are, red meat (in particular, beef) is a hot topic of debate. That's because studies have shown that the methane gasses produced by farmed cattle is actually a worse greenhouse polluter than cars.

But beef is really tasty ... so what to do?

Plant-based ...

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American company Impossible Foods has made waves with their plant-based burgers that taste like beef. (Getty Embed)

There are all kinds of solutions out there for people who miss the taste of beef. Even nation-wide fast food chains like A&W are producing plant-based burgers that mimic the taste, texture, and look of meat. But an Israeli company is taking it to another level.

Meet Aleph Farms and their lab-grown steak. Yes, you read that correctly. Lab-grown steak.

Or lab-based?

Their scientists have found a way to grow a slice of beef from cow cells. For now, the resulting steak is very thin—we're definitely not talking about a thick T-bone here. But this "meat" is apparently next-to-indistinguishable compared to a similar cut of actual beef. Same smell, taste, and texture.

The price right now is high—$50 US for strip steak. But Aleph Farms CEO Didier Toubia is hopeful that once they have the prototype perfected and it can be manufactured in greater amounts the price will go down.

New way to grow?

It's no secret that technology is already changing how and what we eat. And while Aleph Farms is the first company to make their own meat of this quality, this science is spreading. So is this lab-grown steak the future of how we'll eat?

Would you like to see something like this on your table one day?

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