Learn about astronomy today with the CSA!

The Canadian Space Agency is hosting a live talk by astronauts this afternoon in English and French—and it's free, too!
astronauts David Saint-Jacques loves talking with young people about everything space! (Canadian Space Agency)

Deep space is full of exemplary exhibitions of fascinating phenomena, also known as really awesome stuff.

We can't get enough of space, and we're always excited to talk about it with you. We even think that we do a pretty good job of it. But at the same time, we're no astronauts!

But thanks to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), you have the chance to listen to astronauts talk space this afternoon. You can even ask them questions!

Hanging with astronauts


Astronaut Jeremy Hansen is due to be the next Canadian in space. (Canadian Space Agency)

Today—Monday, June 22—the CSA is hosting two talks for young people, each with a different astronaut.

In both cases, viewers will be able to submit questions to the astronauts via the comments sections of the CSA's three social media platforms:

So if you've got a question about space that's always been on your mind, from black holes to comets, Jeremy and David are ready to answer your questions!

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