Lightning Strikes the Empire State Building

The electric encounter is actually a pretty common one for the NYC landmark
lightning empire state That'll give you a jolt of energy, New York! (Courtesy of Twitter/Henrik Moltke)

The dog days of summer are here, North America. And especially in places where the weather gets humid, that usually means one thing...

The weather gets hot and sticky...

Then it gets hotter and stickier...

And finally, after the humidity (or evaporated water in the atmosphere) gets to a point where it feels like you're walking through solid air, these things gather in the air...


Then... KA-BOOM!

Yep, there's no thunderstorm like a summer thunderstorm when the clouds are thick and dark, and the air is super humid. It's literally a force of nature, and the visuals can be pretty spectacular... if you're looking the right way and at the right moment.

Lighting up the Empire State

Henrik Moltke did just that last week when he caught a short video of an awesome sight: lightning striking the Empire State Building. It's all like a moment out of Percy Jackson and the Olympians! (Ladies and gentleman, we have found the Lightning Thief!) And in case you're a little skeptical that Zeus and Poseidon actually hang out on a secret floor at the top of the Empire State, there does seem to be a natural explanation for all of this. According to the website for the world-famous landmark, the building is struck by lightning about 23 times a year. In other words, this is just business as usual for this skyscraper. (And not evidence of a top secret summit of the Greek gods... bummer.)

Still, congratulations to Mr. Moltke for being savvy (and lucky) enough to catch it all on video. Have a peek for yourself below.


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