Meet your dream couch/bed/chair/desk thingy

The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed is one bizarro all-in-one piece of furniture
dream couch Will it do my homework for me, too? (Jubilee Furniture)

We love new tech here at OWLconnected. We also love listening to music. And sitting down and reading. And, yes, we've certainly been known to enjoy a good sleep. What's that? Is it bedtime already?

No, it's not! Because it's time to introduce you to what is maybe the most unusual, over-the-top piece of furniture we've ever seen. We're intrigued. We're confused. We'd like to talk about it with you all.

Meet the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed. And if you think that name is a lot to wrap your head around, wait until you see the bed. Er, dream couch. Wait, chair? Storage system?

Bed Island

Perhaps Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed is actually the easiest thing to call this piece of furniture. Because it is just a fridge, toilet, and shower short of being a completely self-contained bed island.

There are speakers for music, a place to charge devices, adjustable seats for extra comfort, a side desk with pullout stools for doing work, and tons of cubby holes to store stuff.
Many of the pieces are modular, meaning they can come apart and be reconfigured. It's either the silliest thing ever or a work of complete genius. What's your verdict?

Either way, can you imagine the forts that you could build with this thing??

If you want to let your mind wander further, you can watch a video of the dream couch in action below.

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