Messenger Kids is something to talk about (and with)

New youth version of Facebook message app aimed at 6 to 12 year-olds.
facebook_messenger_kids_screenshot_1.0.png Messenger Kids has parental control features aimed at making it safer. Trust us, this is a good idea! (Facebook)

If you're under 13, there is something that you're not yet allowed to have. Well, there are more than a few things, presumably, but we want to talk about one thing in particular: a Facebook account.

And while it's not the end of world, some kids may see that as unfair.

Well, Facebook has what they think is a solution. It's called Messenger Kids.

Made for you

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Saying hello to your friends online just got a little easier. (Getty Embed)

Launched on Monday, Messenger Kids is a new messaging app designed specifically for kids 6 to 12. In other words, the ages when kids are actively at school and have a strong network of friends, but when they're too young to be on Facebook.

The app features all of the stickers, masks, GIFs, and on-screen drawing and writing tools that can be found on other messaging and chat apps. You can send texts, or communicate through video chat. In most ways, it's very similar to things like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and others.

So what makes it geared to younger people?

Keeping it safe

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The new app gives parents the ability to protect kids from online danger. (Getty Embed)

For parents, there are more than a few concerns about their kids being online. (In fact, we did a whole series on these issues back in September here, here, and here.) Probably the largest concern is online safety.

Online predators and identity theft is a real problem for people of all ages, but it is especially dangerous for younger people. That's why Messenger Kids has a feature where all contacts on the app must be approved by parents. If that feels a bit controlling, think of it this way: it's better than being bothered by strangers and their opinions when all you really want to do is hang with your friends.

Messenger Kids is also ad-free and Facebook claims that it does not collect any information from the app to give to advertisers and other companies. (Ads and data collection is another thing that most adults find frustrating about Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.)

So no ads. No strangers. Just you and your friends and family chatting up a storm and making each other laugh. What do you think? Are you keen to give Messenger Kids a try?

Have a look at what it's all about below.

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