Something to roar about: lost lion population discovered in Ethiopia

A newly-discovered population of African lions has been found in Ethiopia.

Images from motion-activated cameras and lion tracks provided the proof that lions are in Alatash National Park, located in northeast Ethiopia, on the Ethiopian-Sudan border. And researchers believe that another group of lions may also be living next door in Sudan’s Dinder National Park. Altogether, the two parks could hold a population of up to 200 lions.

Now that these lions have been found, it’s all about protecting them. Conservationists hope to work with the governments of Ethiopia and Sudan to help keep these big cats safe.

Sadly, experts believe that fewer than 20,000 lions exist across Africa today. Less than 100 years ago, there were over 450,000! Without global action, the species could disappear. Which is why discoveries like this one are so important.

It’s also why organizations such as Born Free USA and the Born Free Foundation have declared 2016 the Year of the Lion. This initiative will further support protection of African lions.

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