Meet your own personal wind turbine

The KiteX Wind Catcher is future tech that allows you to use wind power on the go!
wind turbine "Just let me set up the power!" The Wind Catcher allows people to have power on the go. (KiteX)

Renewable energy is going to be a big part of the future. Countries around the world are investing in solar and wind power and breaking records for green power. There are even innovations, like windows that are solar panels, that turn everyday items into power generators!

Then again, solar has actually been a common personal energy source for decades. Solar cells have been on watches and calculators forever, and many people use portable solar panels for camping trips. Wind, on the other hand, has been a bit tougher to use on a personal level. But perhaps a new piece of tech can change that.

Meet the KiteX Wind Catcher, a portable wind turbine that sets up in minutes!

Lightweight, super quick set up

Spin-o-rama! This turbine can really go, powering devices like eBikes, electronics, and appliances. (KiteX)

Personal wind turbines do exist already. But they are more permanent and heavy—essentially like miniature versions on the large wind turbines you see in fields in many parts of the country. The Wind Catcher is easy to set up and is pretty lightweight (10 kg or 22 lbs).

In 15 minutes—about the time it takes to pitch a tent—you can have it up and running. This makes it really appealing for people who camp or RV a lot. It also can work as a source of secondary, or backup, power at home in case of outages or emergencies. To stay sturdy, it uses wires to create a lightweight frame, a lot like a kite (the designers say that kites were a big inspiration).

Eye to the future

One of the common criticisms of wind power—and green power in general—is that it can never produce enough energy to power our society. And for now, that is true. Humans use a LOT of power..

But not only is green energy efficiency improving all the time, we're also learning the value of trying to use less power in our daily lives. So while a huge stadium-sized sporting event is always going to suck up a lot of juice, the scene at home can be one that is much simpler and more efficient. This where a device like the Wind Catcher is really cool.

It can generate power at night and even in low-wind situations. And knowing that that spinning thing in the backyard is powering your computer and lights is kind of cool, right? Would you like to have your own personal backyard power generator? It is sure is tempting...

Watch a time-lapse below of the Wind Catcher being set up.

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  1. Sounds great!! but what is the cost to own one?? where I live the wind blows 24-7
    so will never run out of power nor wind! Don

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