PREVIEW: Does Destination:Mars show our future home?

Brand-new CBC documentary that airs tonight looks at how humans could one day walk on the Red Planet... and why anyone would want to in the first place
gale crater destination:mars Could this become the view out of your kitchen window? Not likely, perhaps, but Destination:Mars takes a look at how it could come true. (Courtesy of CBC)

Visiting Mars has always been an exciting idea to humans. It's relatively close to us. It's about the same size as Earth. And unlike Venus, it isn't a giant toxic fireball.

Of course, that doesn't mean we should pack the moving van just yet. It's still bitterly cold. It has no surface water. And above all... it has next to no oxygen in its atmosphere. We humans sort of need that stuff. So if Mars can't yet support life as we know it, what's all the fuss about?

Full of potential

mars-curiosity-rover destination:mars
A panoramic shot of NASA's Curiosity rover and the surface of Mars. (Courtesy of CBC/NASA)

As it turns out, there's nothing that people like more than a good challenge... as long as there's the reasonable possibility that it could be done. And that's what Mars represents to scientists and explorers. In many ways, we're very close being able to have humans walk on Mars. Many different countries, agencies, and companies have their own plans in place to have people on the Red Planet within the next twenty years. That's not that far away!

This goal is the subject of a brand-new CBC documentary called Destination:Mars. It airs during The Nature of Things with David Suzuki tonight, Thursday, November 3 at 8PM EST. This program looks at everything Mars—from the testing of space vehicles and equipment, to the probe robots that are being used on Mars today. You'll even discover the research happening on here on Earth (in locations such as mines, deserts, and... swimming pools?) that is already helping scientists and astronauts get a better idea of what to expect there.

Whether you're already a space fanatic or just someone who is curious, it's a show that's well-worth watching. You can check out the trailer here.

Look out, Mars! Here we come!

NOTE: This documentary does discuss a few scary scenarios, such as how climate change and rogue asteroids could impact life on Earth. We recommend watching this program with an adult... especially since you're all likely to have more than a few questions after you finish watching it!

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