Rare and super-cute baby sloth born

A UK zoo welcomes its first baby sloth in almost 100 years
Baby two-toed sloth A baby two-toed sloth hanging from a branch in the wild. Β©Dreamstime

Sloths are seriously slow-moving creatures. So is it that surprising that staff members at Drusillas Park, a zoo in East Sussex, United Kingdom, waited 91 long years for their first baby sloth? Not really, no. But head keeper Mark Kenward says it was well worth the wait!

The rare two-toed sloth was born to mother Sidone and father Sophocles on March 26. The pair were introduced back in January 2014, but true to their "slothful" nature, Sidone and Sophocles took their time before becoming parents.

Very few sloths are born in captivity, so every new arrival is an exciting one. Plus sloths are still pretty mysterious creatures that we don't know that much about. So the birth of this rare little guy at Drusillas Park is going to help experts like Mark Kenward learn more.



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