NASA releases helmet cam video of record-breaking spacewalk

Astronaut Peggy Whitson has spent more hours on a spacewalk than any woman in history
peggy whitson spacewalk "Don't look down!" (Screenshot courtesy of NASA/CBC News)

A spacewalk is a pretty amazing thing. Floating in the openness of space wearing nothing but a suit... wow!

We'll be the first to admit that it would be a pretty scary thing to try, which is why we have so much admiration for people like Peggy Whitson! She is a 57 year-old American astronaut who is the oldest and most experienced spacewoman ever. And maybe the bravest person you're likely to meet. She's got the footage to prove it, too!

Seven-hour walk

Back on March 30, Whitson and fellow Shane Kimbrough completed a seven-hour spacewalk to make repairs on the International Space Station (ISS). They were creating a new "parking space" for space vehicles from SpaceX and Boeing to dock with the ISS. The ISS orbits 400 km (249 mi.) above the Earth's surface. It moves at 7.66 km (4.76 mi.) per second! That's intense, right?

By performing this spacewalk, Whitson broke the record of 50 hours and 40 minutes for the longest accumulated time walking in space by a woman. ("Accumulated" means all of the time added up across all of the spacewalks she has ever done.) She has also spent over 500 total days on the ISS. That's nearly two and a half years!

Just recently, NASA released footage of the historic feat captured by a camera in Whitson's helmet. It's peaceful and awesome to watch. Have a look for yourself!

Pretty incredible! Would you like to find yourself in space one day? It's definitely possible!

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  1. I’m scared of space! Keyshawn. I like watching spacewomen and spaceman fixing rocket. Sam I like to
    go on a spacewalk on the moon. Abdirahman. i want to drive the rocket. kevin I want to see new galaxies. Stephanie I want to do cartwheels in zero gravity. Heather. I’m fascinated but I am very comfortable here on earth! Matt

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