Science Odyssey: Make a rainstorm in a jar!

As the deadline nears for our Science Odyssey Contest, OWL editor Melissa has a great idea for you to try
rainstorm in a jar

Welcome back to our Science Odyssey Contest event, where we're posting STEM articles from May 2 to May 17. To enter the contest, you can find details at the bottom of this post.

We're almost at the end of the Science Odyssey Contest, which we're running with NSERC. In fact, the deadline for entering is tomorrow!

But hey, no worries. Even if you're starting from scratch, you've got plenty of time to do three science-related activities between now and then. Reading science-related books, observing nature while taking a walk, watching a science documentary ... there's SO much that you can do.

Make it rain!

And if you need a little kick to get you started, OWL editor Melissa has got your back. Watch the video below and she'll show you how to make a rainstorm in a jar. Don't forget to wear a raincoat! (Just kidding.)

Take it away, Melissa!

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