See the true size of our solar system

These great little videos quickly blow our minds with their to-scale look at our stellar neighbourhood
solar system So what does the solar system look like to scale? (Hint: NOT like this...) (© Ievgenii Tryfonov -

If the entire universe was on the scale of a planet like Earth, the entire solar system would be our roommates — a bunch of planet buddies sleeping on bunkbeds in the same cramped room.

But in truth, we're many millions of miles away from these celestial brothers and sisters. And it's easy to lose perspective on how much some of us have grown over billions of years. Thankfully, there's this awesome video to quickly show us how we all stack up... and how far away from each other we actually are.

Solar scale

A planetary scientist who has worked for the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and also for NASA, James O'Donoghue, recently made a pair of videos that help answer the question of the size of the solar system. And these short videos are packed full of mind-blowing info.

First, here are all of the planets to-scale next to each other, followed by the Sun itself.

Earth is pretty small, right? But just how far away from each other are we? That's the second video. In it, you can see that the four rocky planets — Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars — are relatively close to each other. Meanwhile, the four gas giants are very far from each other (and the Sun).

As O'Donoghue says in the video, the solar system is a pretty empty place in the end. But we're happy to know it a little better thanks to his videos. Hi, neighbours!

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  1. All planet has a common distance between each other but their rotation time is dictated by the distance from the sun. The inner planets seem to take shorter time than the outer planets

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