Is Stuntronics the future of movie stunts?

Watch a video of the latest in robotics from engineers at Disney
stuntronics Could stunts like this be done by robots some day soon? (© Svetlanais |

Stuntpeople are the brave women and men who put it all on the line to perform jaw-dropping action scenes that we've come to love in our big summer blockbusters. Falling from a building, jumping out of a plane, leaping over a river in a car ... it's all in a day's work!

But is there a way that a robot could do some of that dangerous work? Disney seems to think so!

Check out Stuntronics, an engineering project that features back-flipping, body-spinning robot acrobats that can land unbelievable stunts time after time. The sky is the limit, right?

Stuntronics take to the air!

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