Super Pink Moon is on its way

It's going to be the brightest moon of 2020!
super pink moon Though not actually pink, tonight's full moon will definitely be super! (© Maximilian W -

Though we're all feeling a little bit cooped up, there are a few good signs out there if you're looking for them. (What are they? Please tell us!)

Sure thing! For one, spring is really here. Many of us are seeing the first ruby buds popping up on trees and some new green starting to sprout. And along with this comes warmer weather, too. Again, it's a big country and we know that Winnipeg got fresh snow last week so we're not exactly breaking out our shorts here. But if it means that we get more yellow sunshine streaming into our windows, we'll take it!

So ruby, green, yellow... some colours to awaken our senses, right? To this mix, we'd like to add another colour. Pink!

As in a pink moon. A SUPER pink moon. One that is coming to our skies this very evening! And you can see it!

Want to know more? Read on!

Not exactly pink

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The best moment to catch the moon is as it's 'rising' in the sky. (Getty Embed)

Now that we really have your attention, we have something to admit. The moon is not actually going to turn pink. (We know, we're sorry — though the moon does sometimes change colour!)

The phrase 'pink moon' is actually just a traditional term for a full moon that appears in the month of April. It gets its name because the moon usually arrives at the same time as flowers begin blooming.

But the moon will indeed be super.

Getting close

A super moon is a full moon that occurs during the Moon's perigee — this is the moment that its orbit brings it closest to Earth.

Wait, closest? Doesn't the Moon know that we're supposed to be practicing social distancing right now? Fear not — we're still talking about 356,000 kilometres of distance between us, instead of the usual 384,000 km.

So closer, not invading-our-personal-space close. But close enough that the Moon will appear larger, especially as it is first rising in the night sky. Sound interesting? We thought so, too. Let's talk about how to get our moon view on!

How to see it!

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Seeing the Moon as it's rising also gives you the 'moon illusion'. This is when our atmosphere acts as a lens, making the moon appear even larger still! (Getty Embed)

Walk outside. Look up. That was easy, you're welcome!

Seriously though, the best time to watch the super pink moon is to catch it at moonrise. This should begin at about a half hour after sunset in your area.

You need to be facing east as well, so try to pick out a viewing area ahead of time. There's two options.

Remember how we were talking about it being a bit warmer outside lately? If you have a backyard, balcony, or deck with an east view, this might be the perfect spot to watch the super pink moon in all its glory. Otherwise, an east-facing window, preferably on the second floor or higher, is your best bet.

That pretty much covers it! Happy moon gazing and happy spring!

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  1. At the first I think the moon is the white 🙄 ,then finished reading this thing I know the moon is the pink 😮

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