Volkswagen makes car-charging robot of the future

The Laderoboter would charge cars in places like parking garages while drivers shop, work, or make visits
car-charging robot Volkswagen Need a charge? No sweat, Laderoboter is here! (Volkswagen)

Just as gasoline-powered vehicles need fuel, electric vehicles, or EVs, need charging.

These charging stations exist in more and more places across North America, often in parking lots and garages. But because they are limited and it takes a while to charge a vehicle, these spots can fill up fast and be difficult to find.

German car company Volkswagen says that they have a solution: Laderoboter, the car-charging robot!

Loading robot

Meaning "loading robot" in German, it could be installed in a parking area and come to the driver's car instead of the other way around. Here's how it works.

Drivers would request Laderoboter by an app on their phone. While they go about their day, the car-charging robot would grab one of several mobile batteries and bring it right to the car. Once the car was finished charging, it would come back and pick it up. In fact, the robot could serve multiple cars at once.

Great idea, right? See how it all would work in the video below!

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