What photo did the Hubble Space Telescope take on your birthday?

See what unique space picture was captured on your special day!
hubble Okay Hubble, it's my birthday! What have you got for me! (NASA)

For over 30 years, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured incredible images of space that scientists once could only have dreamed of seeing.

Since its launch in 1990, the telescope has shown us never before seen shots of our solar system and beyond, including: colliding galaxies, exploding stars, the first photo evidence of supermassive black holes, and so, so much more…

In fact, for the Hubble space telescope, exploring the universe is a full-time job. This trusty telescope has been observing the cosmos 24/7, which means there is a huge catalogue of amazing pictures to look back on.

Cosmic Calendar

Hubble has captured an impressive image for every day of the year, so naturally we are all curious about what cosmic wonders were observed on the most special day on the calendar—our birthdays!

Well look no further than NASA’s website, where they have published a page where you can input your birthday and see for yourself what Hubble discovered on that very day! Check it out here!

Along with each cool image, NASA gives a short description of what exactly you’re looking at. You can even select the 'More Info' option to get a more in-depth explanation, including the exact position in space of the object and its distance from Earth.

Here’s what we got for today, June 12th:


The image shows the inner region of Abell 1689, a huge cluster of galaxies located 2.2 billion light years away. Neat!

Once you’ve searched your birthday, you can exit to search for your family and friends. If you’re anything like us (a.k.a. huge space fans!) you can spend hours browsing through the image collection and gawk at the countless amazing space pictures.

Let us know what appears on your birthday in the comments below!

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