What sound does a lawn mower make? BAAAAA!

Montreal park to test out "lamb mowers" this summer as sheep will be used to trim the grass
"Lamb mowers" await your command. @Dreamstime

With winter snow still holding on in places like Ontario and Quebec (yeah, we know it's basically summer already in Vancouver, sigh...), all I can think about right now is laying down a lush field of soft, green grass on a warm June day.

That would be awesome...

Birds softly chirping in the air. Tiny insects humming as they dance from flower to flower. The long blades of fresh grass tickling my nose as… wait a minute… long? Long grass? The lawn needs mowing? Oh, man! That's just more work for me.

Can't someone else do it?!

Wait, what's that, little lamb? You'll mow my lawn?

Oh, wow! It's a dream come true! I'm going back to my grass nap. Just eat around me, little guy...

This unbelievably adorable scenario is actually going to be a reality this summer for Pelican Park, a public park in the popular Rosemont–La Petite-Partie neighbourhood in Montreal. City officials are going to experiment with using a group of fifteen lambs and sheep to keep their grass trimmed as they graze on the park's lawns.

It's a technique already being used in some public parks in places like Seattle and Paris. As a bonus, city-dwelling residents get the chance to be exposed to some farm animals, too.

I wonder if I could get a "lamb mower" for my house?

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