Wrestling mice win people’s choice wildlife photo prize

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition attracts the best animal and nature pictures around
wildlife photographer mice "Are you SURE this is how you tango?" "How should I know? I'm a mouse!" (Sam Rowley/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

Every year we look forward to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. (Especially the exhibition that showcases the best entries!)

The competition has been put on for the last fifty-five years by the Natural History Museum in London, England. There are a wide array of awards given out by judges, touching everything from animal portraits, different biomes, and even best pictures taken by young photographers. But one award is handed out later.

The people's choice prize.

Makes sense, right? After all, the public needs a chance to actually see the photos! Well, after a couple months of voting, we have a winner: Station Squabble by Sam Rowley. And what a winner it is!

Underground undercard

Obviously, that's the photo there at the top of this post. On one hand, Station Squabble is really funny and we can see why people chose it. The way that these two mice are fighting over a morsel of food in this subway station almost makes us feel like we're watching a cartoon. But...

There's also something really thought-provoking about it, too. Such as the fact that mice are an animal that live so close to humans without most of us noticing. And that many animals must work to get the food that they need to survive... sometimes against each other!

What does this photo make you think of?

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  1. I think of a train running down the tunnel. AQ
    They look like they’re about to kiss. TL
    If I were to photoshop that, I’d put them in boxing shorts and a ring. It would be funny! TF
    It looks like one is dipping the other. AP
    How did he take that photo? KF
    It looks like one is trying to climb another. PS
    It reminds me of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. TB

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