Newly opened Egyptian tomb is full of colour

The tomb found in Saqqara, Egypt belonged to a nobleman named Khuwy who died 4,300 years ago
tomb The tomb is found in Saqqara, well known for its many tombs and pyramids. (© Hansmusa -

If the pyramids and tombs of Egypt were built to give those within a kind of everlasting life (and they were), then we just have to say: Mission accomplished.

Thanks to these monuments, ancient Egypt is one of the world's most instantly recognized historical civilizations. It had a style all its own, and its many treasures are still being unearthed today. A newly opened, 4,300 year-old tomb in Saqqara is proof of this.

Home, dead home

The tomb is found in Saqqara, which is a world-famous Egyptian necropolis, or city of the dead. Basically, it's a large cemetery for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. Many of its most powerful citizens are buried there, including the nobleman Khuwy.

Archeologists believe that Khumy was connected to the pharaoh Djedkare Isesi. If that's true, he must have been a pretty important person—his tomb is magnificent. Even better? The colours of the painting found inside are extremely well-preserved. Want to see? Of course you do!

Take a tour for yourself in the video below!

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  1. Whoa, they have too get into a tunnel to get in! Hopefully an 8 foot tall man can get through a space like that!It is very col

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