Happy Canada Day! + Cover Contest Finalists

OWL magazine celebrates Canada's sesquicentennial (that's 150 years!) with artwork from Canadian readers
Canada Day Canada 150 Just a few of the more than 400 entries in OWL's Cool Canada Cover Contest.

Today's the day! On July 1st, 1867, our section of North America officially became known as the country of Canada.

150 years later, tons of people from all over the world call Canada home. Different communities across the country are celebrating this huge milestone in their own ways. Even OWL has gotten in on the fun with our Cool Canada Cover Contest (read more about the contest and meet the winner here!).

Young Canadians share their thoughts

As a special Canada Day treat for you, we've compiled some of the cover contest finalists into a short video. Check it out to learn what inspired their entires and why they love Canada.

Thanks for watching! Great job to all our finalists, and to everyone who entered.

Happy Canada Day!

Canada has more than 35 million people, and everyone has a unique experience of this country. We want to know: what does Canada mean to you?

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