Meet the family… the T. REX family!

New video from the American Museum of Natural History takes us through their brand new exhibit, T. rex: The Ultimate Predator
T. rex What did a fleshed out Tyrannosaurus rex really look like? The American Museum of Natural History has some ideas. (© Fotoeye75 -

Is there a more famous dinosaur than Tyrannosaurus rex?

Say the word "dinosaur" to anyone, and it is likely met with visions of a stomping and roaring T. rex. But what did that animal truly look like? Can we ever know how it would appear face-to-face? (Other than, you know, scary.)

Short answer? It's pretty much impossible to know for certain. (Being extinct for over 65 million years and all!) But the long answer is way more complex... and fun! Because we do have dozens of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils that paleontologists are using to better understand the truth of this fearsome, fascinating beast.

Fun for their whole family

That search is what drives a new exhibit opening today at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, T. rex: The Ultimate Predator. Incredibly, the exhibit has not one, not two, but three life-size reconstructions of the dinosaur, all at three stages of life: adult, juvenile, and baby.

The video below is jam-packed with breakthroughs, insights, and, of course, T. rex! Think you know Tyrannosaurus? Just you wait!

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